Land of Mine [poem by S. Tatlow-Palmer, 1933]

[Editor: This poem by S. Tatlow-Palmer was published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 December 1933.] Land of Mine. Australia, once fair, once joyous land, That glistened like some beauteous pearl amidst The colour, glamour of the East. Arise! Where is thy charm, thy youth, thy noble mien? Thy commerce rich and wealthy industry? Australia, […]

Anzac Immortelles [poem by M. Robinson, 6 May 1933]

[Editor: A poem published in the Camperdown Chronicle, 6 May 1933.] Anzac Immortelles Hark the silence — to-day is Anzac Day, Time but deepens the heart-wounds of the world’s Great War. But our dear ones who passed beyond the grave with victory, We mortals see with vision imperfected The snow-white altar or self sacrifice afar. […]

Sealed With a Kiss [poem, 21 April 1933]

[Editor: A poem published in the Narromine News and Trangie Advocate, 21 April 1933.] Sealed With a Kiss. “Sealed with a kiss” on the envelope Somebody sent to me; Traced underneath was a lily bud, As a symbol of purity. For the lily is ever the purest flower That in life’s dull garden grows, Holding […]

Trials of the pioneer: Some Aboriginal aggressions [14 January 1933]

[Editor: An article published in The Argus, 14 January 1933.] Trials of the pioneer. Some Aboriginal aggressions. By J. B. Cooper. When the first pastoralists settled at Port Phillip the aborigines of the Geelong and Portland districts were more hostile in personal aggressions and in sheep stealing than any of the other natives in Victoria. […]

Bernard Cronin: A realist of the Bush [by Aidan de Brune, 22 March 1933]

[Editor: This article by Aidan de Brune was published in The Cairns Post, 22 March 1933.] A gallery of Australian authors. Bernard Cronin. A realist of the Bush (By Aidan de Brune.) Bernard Cronin, President of the Society of Australian Authors, is one of those stalwart “professional” writers whose books command a world sale; but […]