North Australia [poem, 19 June 1931]

North Australia This is the land of the down and out Where hungry men carry swags — Past stations owned by London Jews — With empty tucker bags. This is the land where crawlers crawl Where no matter if you are just a botch A job will always be kept for you If you give […]

The King of China’s Daughter [poem by Una Shaw, 11 April 1931]

[Editor: A poem by Una Shaw. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 11 April 1931.] The King of China’s Daughter. The King of China’s daughter Was fair and over-fair; Her eyes were bright as water, And gold was in her hair. Whene’er she sang in cherry time The cherries called her fair, And all the […]

The Lost Princess [poem by Una Shaw, 23 May 1931]

[Editor: A poem by Una Shaw.] The Lost Princess. The King of China’s daughter Was walking all alone, She left the yellow mandarins, She left her gilded throne; She left the Prince, although she knew His heart was all her own. Her feet were shod with silver, Her train was bound with gold, She wore […]

Jacaranda [poem, 11 April 1931]

Jacaranda. The softest mauve carpet That ever was spread, The deepest mauve canopy Over my head. A haze in the warm air Of loveliest hue That seems to envelop The garden and you. A. S. H. Source: The Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney, NSW), Saturday 11 April 1931, page 9 Editor’s notes: Jacaranda = the Jacaranda […]

Mister Lang [poem, 24 January 1931]

[Editor: A poem written about Jack Lang.] Mister Lang. Mister Lang he spurned the Council of the States that deals with Loan — “Take away your proferred millions, I will go upon my own.” Mister Lang had an impression That his credit was O.K. “Not for me,” he told the Council, “Nothing doing here to-day,” […]