A meditation upon the glad new year — with poetic interludes [article and poetry by C. J. Dennis, 2 January 1907]

[Editor: This article (including several small pieces of poetry) by C. J. Dennis was published in The Gadfly, 2 January 1907.] A meditation upon the glad new year — with poetic interludes. (For The Gadfly.) Dear Friends — Let us meditate upon the season we celebrate. It is the glad New Year! Ah, my dear […]

“Black Wednesday” [19 January 1907]

[Editor: An article about the Victorian financial and political crisis of 1878, known as “Black Wednesday”. Published in The Barrier Miner, 19 January 1907.] “Black Wednesday.” Twenty-nine years ago. Wednesday, January 9, was the anniversary of the day which has long been known in the political history of Victoria as “Black Wednesday.” On Tuesday evening, […]

Australia’s Voice [poem, 20 April 1907]

[Editor: A poem published in The Capricornian, 20 April 1907.] Australia’s Voice. There comes along the ether waves Where’er the southern cross holds sway, A voice, that for our nation craves The dawning of a wiser day. (A day, when we as one will rise, Intent this life of drift to cease, And build a […]

As in the days of old: Mr. Bent and the bushrangers [21 September 1907]

[Editor: A brief reminiscence about a bushranging incident. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 21 September 1907.] “As in the days of old.” Mr. Bent and the bushrangers. Melbourne, Thursday. Mr. Bent in his time has had many experiences, ranging from cricket against bowlers who “cut the stitches off the seams of your trousers” to […]

The real Australian [30 November 1907]

The real Australian. Very few people in Australia are intimately acquainted with the men who have made the country. It is commonly supposed that the pioneers of Australia were thick, burly men — that they presented what may be regarded as an English front to the world. Now, as a matter of fact the pioneers […]