Mr. J. J. Kenneally at Broadford [7 September 1906]

[Editor: A report on an election meeting held in support of James Jerome Kenneally. Published in The Broadford Courier and Reedy Creek Times, 7 September 1906. In this article the newspaper capitalized some selected phrases and utilized them as sub-headings.] Mernda Electorate. Mr. J. J. Kenneally at Broadford. Mr. J. J. Kenneally, the selected Labor […]

Give Our Own a Show! [poem, 2 February 1906]

[Editor: A poem published in Peak Hill Express, 2 February 1906.] Give Our Own a Show! Dedicated to All Anti-White Australians. Why waste your time in howling For the yellow man or black, Just pull yourself together and Look straight along the track And ask yourself this question, While the sun is sinking low — […]

To a Sprig of Wattle! [poem, 3 July 1906]

[Editor: A poem by George W. Ayliffe, an expatriate Australian living in Penang (now part of Malaysia). Published in The Register, 3 July 1906.] To a Sprig of Wattle! From “Geo. W. Ayliffe,” Penang, Straits Settlements:— Oh, Little Sprig-o’-Wattle! You came from a land afar, Where the magpies wild are calling, and the well-fed cattle […]

The Christmas Observer: A Triumph of Australian art [12 December 1906]

[Editor: A review of the Christmas edition of The Observer. The section regarding literature, “The Literary Contents”, includes some interesting comments on the future of Australian literature. Published in The Register, 12 December 1906.] The Christmas Observer. A Triumph of Australian art. To be published to-morrow. A journal which has been a distinct pioneer in […]

A Eureka hero: Death of Mr. John Lynch [31 March 1906]

[Editor: This article about John Lynch was published in The Freeman’s Journal, 31 March 1906.] A Eureka hero. Death of Mr. John Lynch. Leader of the pikemen in Australia’s only insurrection. (From our Melbourne correspondent.) Victoria — and, indeed, Australia — has lost one of her noblest veterans and upholders of freedom — Mr. John […]