A Wish [poem by Louisa Lawson, 1 April 1904]

[Editor: A poem by Louisa Lawson.] A Wish. I may not clasp thy hand while I Thus wish with all my heart That good will keep thee constantly From sin and pain apart. — L. Lawson. Source: The Dawn (Sydney, NSW), Friday 1 April 1904, page 25

Back Again [poem by Louisa Lawson, 1 July 1904]

[Editor: A poem by Louisa Lawson.] Back Again. By Louisa Lawson. Oh, my boy, come in, do. You’ve come back at last, Two years since we saw you, How the time has passed ! Have a bath and shave first, No — a cup of tea ? Think you want a rest worst ? Dear, […]

In the footsteps of the explorers: Hume and Hovell [24 September 1904]

[Editor: Some details of the explorations of Hamilton Hume and William Hovell. Published in The Argus, 24 September 1904.] In the footsteps of the explorers. Hume and Hovell. By Goulburnian. The journey undertaken in 1824 by Hamilton Hume (the first native born explorer), and his companion W. H. Hovell was productive of rich results in […]

Coming Home [poem by Louisa Lawson, 1 July 1904]

[Editor: A poem by Louisa Lawson.] Coming Home. By Louisa Lawson. Going round the back street. Through the silent lane, While the folks at church meet, Coming home again. Faded hat and creasy, Long since it was new. Tent-fly torn and greasy, Bluey showing through. Billy burnt and battered, Boots all badly burst, Lace and […]