One Australian Girl [The Bulletin, 1 October 1903, re. Mary Gilmore]

[Editor: This article about Mary Gilmore was published in The Bulletin (Sydney, NSW), 1 October 1903. The first part is a review of Mary Gilmore’s poetry; the second part is about her life, written by Mary Gilmore (aside from the introductory paragraph), especially regarding her time spent in South America.] One Australian Girl. Mary Gilmore’s […]

The Little Brown Egotist [poem by W. T. Goodge, 14 June 1903]

[Editor: This poem by W. T. Goodge was published in Truth, 14 June 1903.] “The Little Brown Egotist” (Written for “Truth.”) [The Bellambi Coal Company entertained the officers of the Japanese Squadron at their mine on Thursday, and the manager, Mr. Waley, before the luncheon (there had to be a luncheon because there were several […]

Australia [Australia Day celebration, 2 February 1903]

[Editor: An article about an Anniversary Day (Australia Day) celebration on 26 January 1903. Published in The Daily Telegraph, 2 February 1903.] Australia. At the A.N.A. dinner in Melbourne on Anniversary Day Mr Deakin, on behalf of the Commonwealth, responded to the toast of the Ministry and Parliament — Federal and State. He said that […]

The Bold Jack Donohue [song, 29 August 1903]

[Editor: A song about Jack Donohue, the bushranger. Published in the Evening News, 29 August 1903.] The Bold Jack Donohue. To the Editor of the “Evening News.” Sir. — I see by this evening’s “News” your account of Bold Jack Donohoe, the Bushranger. A curious coincidence, yesterday being the anniversary of his death. I here […]

Donohue, the bushranger [22 August 1903]

[Editor: An article about Jack Donohue, the bushranger. Published in the Evening News, 22 August 1903.] Donohue, the bushranger. About seventy years ago, Donohue, an escaped convict, took to the bush, joined by Walmsley, Armstrong, and others, striking terror to all travellers and teamsters in the Penrith, Liverpool, Windsor, Richmond, and Kurrajong districts. At the […]