Unity is Strength ! [song, 6 June 1898]

[Editor: A song written to promote the federation of the Australian colonies.] A federal song. By request we publish the following Federal Song, sung at the demonstration in Sale on Tuesday night by the united choir:— Unity is Strength ! Air, “Men of Harlech.” Come ! Australians ! once for ever Break the bars that […]

Nation Builders [poem by George Essex Evans, 20 May 1898]

[Editor: A poem by George Essex Evans.] Nation Builders. A handful of workers seeking the star of a strong intent — A handful of heroes scattered to conquer a continent. — Thirst and fever and famine, drought, and ruin, and flood, And the bones that bleach on the sandhill, and the spears that redden with […]

Australia for the Australians [poem, 24 December 1898]

[Editor: A poem published in The Warwick Argus, 24 December 1898.] Australia for the Australians. Shall the yellow man pick, From our Eden the fruit? Must we yield our fair fields Like a dumb driven brute? Shall our children learn trades And be forced to compete With a parasite horde In the workshop and street? […]