The Anglican Synod [article re. cremation, 21 May 1898]

[Editor: This untitled article about Christianity and cremation was published in The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), 21 May 1898.] [The Anglican Synod] The Anglican Synod of South Australia has taken a lesson from the Pagans of old, and has passed a resolution favouring, on sanitary and economic grounds, the substitution of cremation for the present system […]

The Governor’s Xmas Party [poem by W. T. Goodge, 25 December 1898]

[Editor: This poem by W. T. Goodge was published in Truth (Sydney, NSW), 25 December 1898.] The Governor’s Xmas Party. A Seasonable Vain Imagining. (By W. T. Goodge, in the ‘Orange Leader.’) Oh, the Governor was happy and the Governor was gay, For he knew that he was going home to Britain; And he couldn’t […]

Heroes of the Underground [poem, 16 October 1898]

[Editor: A poem about miners who risked their lives to save their fellow miners. Published in The Sun (Kalgoorlie, WA), 16 October 1898.] Heroes of the Underground. How he did it? Same old story, Writ in blood-gouts grim and large, Of a treacherous fuse slow burning, Close upon a slumbering charge. Loud ye laud the […]

An Australian Cradle Song [poem by John Harrison Wagner, 7 May 1898]

[Editor: A poem published in The Australasian, 7 May 1898.] An Australian Cradle Song. By John Harrison Wagner, in “Harper’s Magazine” for April. Over the hills and far away, Deep in a shady dell, The crystal fountains leap and play; A dream of delight is the livelong day, Over the hills and far away In […]

Federation letters: Appeal by the Premier and the Treasurer [3 June 1898]

[Editor: A letter from Charles Cameron Kingston (the Premier of South Australia) and Frederick William Holder (the Treasurer of SA) regarding the proposed federation of the colonies of Australia. Published in The Advertiser, 3 June 1898.] Federation letters. Appeal by the Premier and the Treasurer. To the Editor. Sir — We earnestly ask electors to […]