Death of a bush poet [re. Philip D. Lorimer , 17 November 1897]

[Editor: About the life of Philip Durham Lorimer.] Death of a bush poet. Mr. Philip D. Lorimer, whose death was announced on Friday (says Monday’s “S. D. Telegraph”), was known right through the country and Queensland and Victoria as “the Australian bush poet.” “Old Phil,” as he was called, was known to pretty well every […]

The white man for a pinch [2 January 1897]

[Editor: This article is from the “Bystanders’ Notebook” column, published in The Worker (Brisbane, Qld.), 2 January 1897.] The white man for a pinch Now that the Southern colonies is fighting the battle of “white Australia” against the coloured labour Government of Queensland it is just as well to prove that white men are both […]