“——!”: The Great Australian Adjective [poem by “The Colonel” (W. T. Goodge), 11 December 1897]

[Editor: This poem by W. T. Goodge was published in The Bulletin (Sydney), 11 December 1897. It’s authorship was originally credited to Goodge’s pseudonym of “The Colonel”. The missing word in this poem, one not spoken in polite society at that time, was “bloody”.] “——!” (The Great Australian Adjective.) [For The Bulletin.] The sunburnt —— […]

The Chinese question [22 December 1897]

[Editor: An article expressing concerns over defence matters facing Australia if several European countries were to take over parts of China. Published in The National Advocate, 22 December 1897.] The Chinese question. A few years ago the Chinese problem that troubled Australia was the possibility of an invasion from the countless hordes of the Mongolian […]

Clancy’s Reply [poem by Thomas Gerald Clancy, 1897]

[Editor: A poem by “Clancy” (Thomas Gerald Clancy), written as a reply to Banjo Paterson’s poem, “Clancy of the Overflow”.] Clancy’s Reply ’Neath the star-spangled dome Of my Austral home, When watching by the camp fire’s ruddy glow, Oft in the flickering blaze Is presented to my gaze The sun-drenched kindly faces Of the men […]

The Christmas Angel [poem by Mary Hannay Foott, 21 December 1897]

[Editor: A poem by Mary Hannay Foott. Published in The Warwick Argus, 21 December 1897.] The Christmas Angel. Through skies of midnight swift he swept, His earthward voyage holding — Our year-long exile — whilst we slept His wings besides as folding. O Christmas, ere thy garments bright O’er Western clouds are trailing, Through farther […]

Unclasped [poem by Philip D. Lorimer, 21 December 1897]

[Editor: Poem by Philip Durham Lorimer.] Unclasped Uttered — and they fell, Deep into sighing hearts, Deadlier than poisoned darts, Bringing their death knell. Echoes through dark blue weeping eyes, In painful silence, earth’s good-byes, In evening’s gloaming hour. Hush, and through dark shade Two hearts are wandering now, Riven o’er a broken vow, In […]