In Memoriam: Lady Parkes [poem by Clarinda Sarah Thom (Menie Parkes), 11 February 1888]

[Editor: A poem by Clarinda Sarah Thom (Menie Parkes), regarding the death of her mother, Lady Clarinda Parkes, who died at her home in Balmain (NSW) on 2 February 1888. Published in The Australian Town and Country Journal, 11 February 1888.] In Memoriam. Lady Parkes. Died February 2. The starry jasmine, which did wreath About […]

Australia’s Father Christmas [by Charles Rhoades, 12 December 1888]

[Editor: A short story published in the South Bourke & Mornington Journal, 12 December 1888.] Australia’s Father Christmas. By Charles Rhoades. It was Christmas Eve, and the red sun dipped suddenly out of sight in a bath of purple mist, causing a grunt of satisfaction to issue from the dry throat of a solitary traveller […]

Nationalism [8 August 1888]

[Editor: This article discusses what may be termed “British-Australian nationalism”. Published in The Morning Bulletin, 8 August 1888.] Nationalism. To many observant of what is passing around us it will appear that there are now in Queensland two kinds of nationalism. There is that which has become the characteristic of the party now in power […]

[The poor poet has been in the wars] [re. Philip Lorimer, 28 July 1888]

[Editor: An article about a legal charge being brought against Philip Durham Lorimer in Parramatta. An extract from the “Topics of the Day” section of the Windsor and Richmond Gazette, 28 July 1888.] [The poor poet has been in the wars] The poor poet has been in the wars down Parramatta way. At the local […]

To a Bird [poem by Louisa Lawson, 15 May 1888]

[Editor: A poem by Louisa Lawson.] To a Bird. Bright little warbler of the air. The world to thee I ween is fair, And free thy life from shade of care, So gaily dost thou sing. While from thy happy throat are sent, Those floods of song in ravishment, Thou shamest me without intent, Sad […]