The Broken-Hearted Shearer [song, 1 January 1886]

[Editor: A song published in The Burrowa News, 1 January 1886.] The Broken-Hearted Shearer. Air — “Wearing of the Green.” I’m a broken-hearted shearer, and ashamed to show my face, The way that I’ve been treated is s shame and a disgrace; I raked a cheque together, and thought that it would do, So I […]

Port Lincoln [including an Ode to Australia, 8 December 1886]

[Editor: Published in The Wallaroo Times, 8 December 1886.] Port Lincoln. When I last wrote I left your readers on the top of a hill counting the islands dotted about. Since then I have received sundry copies of the Wallaroo Times, and you can hardly realise the pleasure I have had. So we will come […]

South Australia’s Jubilee [poem by Miss M. G. Leask, 11 September 1886]

[Editor: A poem published in The South Australian Register, 11 September 1886.] South Australia’s Jubilee. The poem on “South Australia’s Jubilee,” composed by Miss M. G. Leask (Kensington Literary Society), for the Literary Societies’ Union competition, which took place in the Adelaide Town Hall on Thursday, September 9, was awarded first prize. It is as […]

Botany Bay [song, 1885]

[Editor: This is the text of the song from the stage show “Little Jack Sheppard”, which played in London in 1885 and in Melbourne in 1886, which went on to become a popular song in Australia.] Botany Bay. Farewell to old England forever, ……… Farewell to my rum culls as well ……… Farewell to the […]