The Australian Empire [poem by Marcus Clarke, 2 May 1876]

[Editor: A poem by Marcus Clarke. Published in The Narracoorte Herald, 2 May 1876. Previously published in The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.), 22 April 1876.] The Australian Empire. The subjoined address, which was composed by Mr. Marcus Clark, was delivered at the Theatre Royal, Melbourne, in connection with the eight hours’ celebration, on the evening of […]

A Poem on Australia [poem by Marguerite A. Thompson, 18 January 1876]

[Editor: A poem by Marguerite A. Thompson. Published in The Northern Argus, 18 January 1876.] A Poem on Australia. Oh, brilliant is Australia’s sky And fragrant is her air, Her wood-crowned heights, and mossy dells Are far beyond compare. And gorgeous is the plumage That our native birds display, While sweetly warbling in the trees […]

The Wattle Tree [poem, 1 January 1876]

[Editor: A poem published in The Mercury (Fitzroy), 1 January 1876.] The Wattle Tree. O reader, did you over look upon Or rest awhile beneath our “Wattle tree”? Its golden canopy of blossoms sweet, Perfumes the air around so pleasantly! No other tree is truly loved so well, Or — may be — never thought […]