Slavery in Australia [poem, 17 August 1871]

[Editor: A poem written against the practice of “blackbirding” in Australia. Published in The Newcastle Chronicle, 17 August 1871.] Slavery in Australia. There is a plant, a deadly plant, Now springing ’neath our skies; Oh, pluck it forth, for where it grows, There freedom, bleeding dies! Let not this sunny, golden land Be curs’d by […]

Under the Trees [poem by Mowbray Morris, 26 April 1871]

[Editor: This poem (also known as “The Voice from the Bush”), by Mr. Mowbray Morris, was included, with an introductory note, in Geoffry Crabthorn’s column “Echoes from the bush”. Published in The South Australian Register, 26 April 1871.] My Portfolio. [Although not in your Geoffry’s style, my Public, the following deserves a place in his […]

Dangers of Bush-Travelling [15 February 1871]

[Editor: An article about the dangers of lack of water and hot weather faced by itinerant workers traveling in the bush. Published in The South Australian Advertiser, 15 February 1871.] Dangers of Bush-Travelling. A bushman named John O’Flaherty has called upon us and given a very melancholy account of his experiences on “the wallaby-track” in […]

The “Sundownder” [poem, 20 March 1871]

[Editor: A poem published in the Portland Guardian and Normanby General Advertiser, 20 March 1871.] The “Sundownder.” Those of the floating population of Australia who roam about the country ostensibly seeking work, but in reality begging, and who make it a point to reach stations, farms, etc., in the evening, that they may enjoy the […]