Gold-field regulations [Slater’s Queensland Almanac, 1868]

[Editor: These regulations were published in Slater’s Queensland Almanac for 1868 (1868).] Gold-field regulations Intending diggers will probably peruse with interest the following regulations:— Commissioner empowered to make temporary rules. — The Commissioner may at any time make such temporary rules or orders, not inconsistent with the Act 20Victoria, No. 29, or with these Regulations […]

The Swagman [poem, 25 July 1868]

[Editor: A poem published in The Mining Record and Grenfell General Advertiser, 25 July 1868.] The Swagman. Trudging on wearily, heavily, drearily, Parching with thirst on a hot dusty road; No one to speak a kind word to him cheerily, No one to love him, no place of abode. No change or variety, nought but […]

Special Report from Cape River Gold-Fields [poem, 7 November 1868]

[Editor: A poem published in The Queenslander, 7 November 1868.] Special Report from Cape River Gold-Fields. Dear Sir: You say you’d like to know How things go on up here, And if a chap would “stand a show,” If this way he should steer. Well, as I have nothing else to do, I’ll send you […]