Cui Bono? [poem by Henry Kendall, 1865

[Editor: This poem by Henry Kendall was published in The Glen of the White Man’s Grave (1865).] Cui Bono? A clamour by day and a whisper by night, And the Summer comes, with the shining noons; With the ripple of leaves, and the passionate light Of the falling suns and the rising moons! And the […]

The Glen of the White Man’s Grave [booklet by Henry Kendall, 1865]

[Editor: This booklet by Henry Kendall was published in 1865. It contains two poems: “The Glen of the White Man’s Grave” and “Cui Bono?”.] The Glen of the White Man’s Grave A sky of wind! And while these July gusts Are beating round the windows in the cold, With sullen sobs of rain, behold I […]

[A rabbit drive] [3 July 1865]

[Editor: This item is an extract from the column “Current topics”, published in The Geelong Advertiser, 3 July 1865.] [A rabbit drive] Mr Austin, of Barwon Park, mentions the extraordinary fecundity of the English wild rabbit in this colony. Six years ago he turned out thirteen; since then their progeny has increased to such an […]

Ben Hall — His early life [16 May 1865]

[Editor: An article about Ben Hall, the bushranger. Published in The Empire, 16 May 1865.] Ben Hall — his early life. In estimating the character of this man, who has obtained such an unenviable notoriety throughout the colonies during the past three years, an insight into his early life may be of some assistance, and […]

The Tower of the Dream: Part 4 [poem by Charles Harpur]

[Editor: This is part 4 of The Tower of the Dream (1865), by Charles Harpur.] Part IV. At last, all suddenly, in the air aloft, O’er the tower a wild, weird, wailful song Woke flying, many-voiced; — then sweeping off Out tow’rds the echoey hills, so passed away In dying murmurs through the hollow dark. […]