Stockton [poem by T. Fennell, 29 May 1847]

[Editor: A poem published in The Sydney Chronicle, 29 May 1847.] Stockton. Some sing of castellated towers. Of mail-clad knights and deeds of arms; Some sing of groves and shady bowers, And ladies of unrivall’d charms;— But I of love or war sing not, I heed not Cupid’s bow or quiver; I sing about a […]

The immigration report [18 September 1847]

[Editor: Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 18 September 1847.] The immigration report. This important document, which we yesterday placed before our readers, is inferior to none of its predecessors for the clearness of its views, the perspicuity of its statements, the practical value of its recommendations, or the truthful eloquence of its appeal to […]