The Aboriginal Mother [song by Eliza Hamilton Dunlop, 15 October 1841]

[Editor: A song published in The Sydney Herald, 15 October 1841. This song was based upon a poem by Eliza Hamilton Dunlop, set to music by Isaac Nathan. There are some significant differences between the song and the original poem.] The Aboriginal Mother. “Only one female and her child got away from us.” Evidence before […]

Our Children’s Native Land [poem by Henry Parkes, 20 July 1841]

[Editor: A poem by Henry Parkes. Published in the Australasian Chronicle, 20 July 1841.] Song. — Our Children’s Native Land. Who here to night, when he was young, Beside his father’s hearth, Has ne’er breath’d forth some patriot song, Some spirit strain of earth; And warm’d as flow’d the words of fame Amidst some social […]

Song of Remembrance [5 January 1841]

[Editor: A poem published in The Southern Australian, 5 January 1841.] Song of Remembrance. O, calm be the slumbers that sweetly impart Soft visions of home to the sea wearied heart; How oft have I hail’d each fond dream, as it cast Short glimpses of home round the scenes that were past! And sighed at […]