Golden Wattle [poem by S. T., 1 September 1910]

Golden Wattle. [By S. T.] Shake your golden bells, O wattle ! Shake your golden bells! ’Tis a merry tale of springtime That their music tells. Set your fairy chimes a-ringing, Scatter scent and song; Spring is coming, tho’ the dreary Winter days were long. We will warm our chilly fingers In your golden glow […]

To the Wattle Blossom [poem, 19 July 1894]

To the Wattle Blossom. “Hope, like the gleaming taper’s light, Adorns and cheers the way.” Hail ! to thee, bright bless’d harbinger of spring ; What happy dreams of sunny days thy golden glories bring ; And songs of birds, and azure skies : A wealth of sunlight in thee lies, Dear harbinger of spring; […]

Ode to the Wattle Blossom [poem, 27 September 1889]

Ode to the Wattle Blossom. Hail! thou bloom of lovely spring, Golden emblem of delight, Entrancing thoughts around thee cling, Closing Austral’s winter night. Sweetest odour thou dost bear, Joys thou always bring’st to me, Hope-inspiring seems the air, Redolent of breaths from thee. Growth of plain or sloping hillside, Or of valley, nurtured fair, […]

Golden Wattle, Australia’s Emblem [poem by Ellie Wemyss, 1 September 1910]

Golden Wattle, Australia’s Emblem. [By Ellie Wemyss.] Wattle ! Emblem of Australia! Flower of sun-gold splendour bright! Royal crown and fit regalia! Golden earth and flowers and light! Where hearts of gold in love unite! Emblem of her sun-gold glory! Lavishing thy perfume sweet, Telling with each breath thy story Till our hearts with rapture […]

Wild flowers of Australia [poem by Caroline Carleton, 9 September 1922]

[Editor: A poem by Caroline Carleton, author of “Song of Australia”, taken from a biographical article.] Wild flowers of Australia. By Mrs. C. J. Carleton. Oh, say not that no perfume dwells The wilding flowers among; Say not that in the forest dells Is heard no voice of song. The air is laden with the […]