To a Sprig of Wattle! [poem, 3 July 1906]

[Editor: A poem by George W. Ayliffe, an expatriate Australian living in Penang (now part of Malaysia). Published in The Register, 3 July 1906.] To a Sprig of Wattle! From “Geo. W. Ayliffe,” Penang, Straits Settlements:— Oh, Little Sprig-o’-Wattle! You came from a land afar, Where the magpies wild are calling, and the well-fed cattle […]

A Whiff of Wattle [poem, 16 February 1918]

[Editor: A poem published in Aussie: The Australian Soldiers’ Magazine, no. 2, 16 February 1918.] A Whiff of Wattle. The Girl. Tripping down the Mountain Trail With the breeze of Spring, ’Long the pad thro’ Wattle Vale, Where the bell-birds sing. Skipping on to catch the mail With Love’s rememb’ring. The Bloke. Blowing up the […]

The Wattle Tree [poem, 1 January 1876]

[Editor: A poem published in The Mercury (Fitzroy), 1 January 1876.] The Wattle Tree. O reader, did you over look upon Or rest awhile beneath our “Wattle tree”? Its golden canopy of blossoms sweet, Perfumes the air around so pleasantly! No other tree is truly loved so well, Or — may be — never thought […]

A Wattle Day Contrast [7 September 1915]

[Editor: A poem for Wattle Day. Published in The Register, 7 September 1915.] A Wattle Day Contrast. [By Silas Lister.] Never yet had Wattle Day Half such depth and splendour! And never held a wattle spray Meaning quite so tender! Dear Symbol — ever dearer be In our national-story, Flower of love and memory, Voice […]

The Grove of Wattles [poem by Agnes L. Storrie]

[Editor: This poem by Agnes L. Storrie was published in Poems, 1909.] The Grove of Wattles. The clamour of the city ringing loud Submerged the hurrying footsteps of the crowd, The teeming ways were all awash with faces, Hopes and despairs peopled the narrow spaces, And I among them, on myself intent, Scant notice on […]