Australasia Mourns Her Honored Dead [poem by Pat Matthews, ca. 1916]

[Editor: A poem commemorating the anniversary of the ANZAC landing at Gallipoli. It was published on a single sheet of paper (a leaflet, or handbill), undated, but believed to have been published for the first Anzac Day (1916).] In Memoriam. Australasia Mourns her Honored Dead. Dedicated To our Fallen Heroes on the Anniversary of their […]

How We Landed on Gallipoli Peninsula [poem, 13 July 1915]

[Editor: A poem from the First World War. Published in The Geraldton Guardian (Geraldton, WA), 13 July 1915.] How we landed on Gallipoli Peninsula. (By one of the Third Brigade.) Written at Gallipoli, May 28th, 1915. Do you hear what they say? We are getting away To make name and fame for Australia! And the […]

The Men of Australia [poem, 22 June 1915]

[Editor: A poem with a patriotic theme; written during the First World War. Published in the North-Eastern Advertiser (Scottsdale, Tas.), 22 June 1915.] The Men of Australia. The men from the counter and workshop, The men from the hill and the plain, The men from the far northern station Are gathered together again. They have […]

The Charge of Illawarra [poem, The Bulletin, 21 August 1886]

[Editor: This non-rhyming poem was published in The Bulletin (Sydney, NSW), 21 August 1886.] The Charge of Illawarra. “On Friday, as a party of Illawarra light horse were cantering sharply down Castlereagh-street, Sydney, they came into collision with a tip-cart, and one of the cavalry men received a severe fall.” From the fields of Illawarra, […]

The Old Slouch Hat [poem by John Barr, 6 January 1945]

[Editor: A poem by John Barr, regarding the Japanese and the foreshadowed end of the Second World War. Published in The World’s News, 6 January 1945.] The Old Slouch Hat The AIF wants to see Australia represented in the military occupation of Japan. The soldiers want to be in the liberation of their comrades of […]