Southern Cross (author)

Under construction. See: Southern Cross, A Child’s Smile, Sydney: F. H. Johnston Publishing Company, [1944]

Louis Esson

Under construction. Books by Louis Esson: 1910: Bells and Bees: Verses, Melbourne: Thomas C. Lothian, 1910 1912: Red Gums and Other Verses, Melbourne: Fraser & Jenkinson, 1912 Short stories by Louis Esson: The Pearl of Torres [18 July 1918]

Kenneth Mackay

Under construction. Books by Kenneth Mackay: 1887: Stirrup Jingles from the Bush and the Turf and Other Rhymes, Sydney: Edwards, Dunlop & Co., 1887 (poetry) 1888: A Bush Idyl, Sydney: Edwards, Dunlop & Co., 1888 (poetry) 1895: The Yellow Wave: A Romance of the Asiatic Invasion of Australia, London: Richard Bentley and Son, 1895 (fiction)

James Jerome Kenneally

Under construction. Mr. J. J. Kenneally at Broadford [7 September 1906] The Complete Inner History of the Kelly Gang and Their Pursuers [by J. J. Kenneally]

Agnes Louisa Storrie (Kettlewell)

Agnes Louisa Storrie was a poet, author, journalist and campaigner. She wrote poetry, articles, and short stories; and was a leading campaigner in the Wattle Day movement. Storrie was born in Glenelg, South Australia, on 23 August 1864. She was the sixth child of Scottish immigrants, James Storrie and Agnes (nee Tassie), who — although […]