The Sodawater Strike [poem by “Dryblower” Murphy, 21 January 1912]

[Editor: A poem by “Dryblower” Murphy. Published in The Sunday Times (Perth, WA), 21 January 1912.] The Sodawater Strike. I’m a unionist determined, Though I’ve never joined as one; I ’ate the rich and ermined, Every blarsted mother’s son. I reckonize that Laber ’As a mission on the earth, ’Cos it makes yer love yer […]

Reasons for total abstinence [14 March 1890]

[Editor: An article advocating the Temperance cause. Published in The North Melbourne Advertiser, 14 March 1890.] Reasons for total abstinence 1. — No moderate drinker can be at all sure that he will not on some occasion drink too much. 2 — All who drink in moderation are liable in time of mental or bodily […]