The “Sundowner” [by Gladys Johns, 4 April 1935]

[Editor: Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 4 April 1935.] The “Sundowner.” When I first saw him he was loitering in the shade of an old gum tree — his swag, his billy, and his dog. As I passed, I nodded in the friendly bush fashion. “Good-day,” he said. “Kind o’ hot, ain’t it?” I […]

The Swagman [poem, 25 July 1868]

[Editor: A poem published in The Mining Record and Grenfell General Advertiser, 25 July 1868.] The Swagman. Trudging on wearily, heavily, drearily, Parching with thirst on a hot dusty road; No one to speak a kind word to him cheerily, No one to love him, no place of abode. No change or variety, nought but […]