“Australianism”: A new cult [1 July 1918]

[Editor: An article on the ideology of “Australianism”. Whilst the article refers to the ideology as a “cult”, that particular word is being used here in the sense of a great devotion to an idea, object, or movement, rather than in a negative sense (such as the derogatory connotations of the word “cult” as applied […]

Australianism [11 May 1912]

[Editor: This brief item (apparently, an extract from the Independent Workers’ Journal) was published in the Building and Real Estate magazine (11 May 1912).] Australianism. Australianism is the spirit that must rule Australia, and in that sentiment there is no place for the rabid Socialist, with his schemes of levelling tyranny; none for the Anarchist […]

The Bronze Trumpet: A Satirical Poem [booklet by Henry Kendall, 1866]

[Editor: This booklet-length poem was published in 1866 by an anonymous author; however, its authorship has been attributed to Henry Kendall, based upon correspondence from Kendall to Charles Harpur.] The Bronze Trumpet: A Satirical Poem by * ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ “I blow through BRONZE — not breathe through silver.” — Anon. (After Browning.) Sydney: All booksellers and […]

Keep Australia White! [song by P. F. Collins, circa 1901-1918]

[Editor: A song by P. F. Collins. Published as a single-sided song sheet, ca. 1901-1918.] Australia’s song Keep Australia White! You sons of young Australia, Come listen to my song, I’ll tell you a little story That won’t detain you long: We’ve had good statesmen in the past, — I think of them to-night, — […]

This Bit of the World Belongs to Us [song by “Dryblower” Murphy, circa 1909]

[Editor: A song by “Dryblower” Murphy about the visit of the American fleet to Australia in 1908. Written for the pantomime “Jack & Jill” (1908), this version was based upon his song “We’ve Got a Big Brother in America” (1908). From the sheet music published circa 1909.] This Bit of the World Belongs to Us […]