James Cook [A New Biographical Dictionary, 1805]

[Editor: This is the entry for James Cook in A New Biographical Dictionary (1805), by Stephen Jones. It is interesting to note that the text does not mention Cook’s discovery of the east coast of New Holland (Australia), although it does mention that he had unsuccessfully searched for Terra Australis Incognita (the hypothesized southern land […]

The Convicts’ Departure [song, 1790]

[Editor: Published in The Political Songster, by John Freeth, 1790.] The Convicts’ Departure. Tune — Early one morn a jolly brisk Tar. What if the parting day is at hand, Never at fate be railing, Though from a rich and plentiful land, We must be quickly sailing; Let not our bosoms fear display, Future events […]

Botany Bay [poem, January 1787]

[Editor: A poem published in The New London Magazine, January 1787.] Botany Bay. Away with these whimsical bubbles of air, With only excite a momentary stare, Attention to plans of utility pay, Weigh anchor, and steer off for Botany Bay. Let no one think much of trifling expense, Who knows what may happen a hundred […]

Botany Bay: A New Song [song, November 1786]

[Editor: Published in The Country Magazine, November 1786.] For the Country Magazine Botany Bay. A New Song. Let us drink a good health to our schemers above, Who at length have contriv’d from this land to remove Thieves, robbers, and villains, and send them away To become a new people at Botany Bay. Such men […]

New Colony [October 1787]

[Editor: An article about Australia, printed prior to the establishment of the colony at Sydney, New South Wales. Published in The New London Magazine, October 1787.] New Colony. A description of New Holland, particularly the Eastern Coast, called South-Wales, in which Botany-Bay, the spot intended by Government for colonization, is situated. Situation. This country is […]