A variant: The innocent abroad [short story, 2 October 1927]

[Editor: This short story was published in The Sunday Mail (Brisbane), 2 October 1927.] A variant The innocent abroad (By “’Varsity Mac.”) Attired in a grey-tweed suit little too large for him, and carrying all the earmarks of a young dairy-farmer from the Darling Downs, Bob strolled through the Brisbane Botanic Gardens. He was thinking […]

Grapes from a thorn [short story by Agnes L. Storrie, 15 October 1887]

[Editor: This short story by Agnes L. Storrie was published in The Adelaide Observer, 15 October 1887.] The story-teller. Grapes from a thorn. A short story. [By “Ayea” — Agnes L. Storrie, Glenelg.] Being the First-prize Novelette at the S. A. Literary Societies’ Union Competition, September 22,1887. [Published by permission of the Executive Committee of […]

The great Mendax transmitter [short story by Erle Cox, 27 March 1920]

[Editor: This short story by Erle Cox was published in The Australasian (27 March 1920).] The great Mendax transmitter. By Erle Cox. He lives a retired, misanthropic life, in spite of his big income. Partly, I think, because he is without exception the vilest-mannered man in the Commonwealth, and partly because of his undisguised contempt […]

Joe Brunnel’s Dream [10 August 1895]

[Editor: This short story was published in The Worker (Brisbane, Qld.), 10 August 1895.] Joe Brunnel’s Dream. Shearing was about to commence at —— station, and about a dozen of the old hands had arrived. Seated in the hut after the usual evening meal, we were relating recess experiences, when old Joe Brunnel, who had […]

The quiet hour [story by C. J. Dennis]

[Editor: This story by C. J. Dennis was published in The Singing Garden (1935).] The quiet hour I have found in this Australian scene, of mountain and forest, of shaded creek and fern-filled gully, of cultivated gardens bordered by the virgin bush, much quiet peace and many joys — on rare occasions, inexpressible joys, far […]