Dangers of Bush-Travelling [15 February 1871]

[Editor: An article about the dangers of lack of water and hot weather faced by itinerant workers traveling in the bush. Published in The South Australian Advertiser, 15 February 1871.] Dangers of Bush-Travelling. A bushman named John O’Flaherty has called upon us and given a very melancholy account of his experiences on “the wallaby-track” in […]

Shearing in Australia [31 October 1874]

[Editor: An article published in The Australasian Sketcher, 31 October 1874.] Shearing in Australia. Shearing time is the great harvest of the pastoral interest and all the industries depending upon it. In our last issue we had an article, showing how much in Victoria, and indeed in Australia, we owe to the prosperity of the […]

[Shearers, and coloured labour for the sugar industry] [10 September 1889]

[Editor: A report on the Shearers’ Union and the employment of coloured labour. This is an extract from a column of news reports, entitled “The Barcoo”, which consisted of various news items regarding the Barcoo area of Queensland. Published in The Morning Bulletin, 10 September 1889.] [Shearers, and coloured labour for the sugar industry] The […]