Under the Southern Cross I Stand [the Australian cricket team’s victory song]

Under the Southern Cross I stand A sprig of wattle in my hand, A native of my native land, Australia, you f***ing beauty! This poem is one used by the Australian cricket team as their “victory song”; to be recited by the team following a win, usually chanted in the confines of their dressing room […]

Rev. T. H. Taylor, playwright [22 February 1913]

[Editor: An article about the Rev. T. Hilhouse Taylor, who wrote the patriotic song “Australia, or Heart to Heart and Hand to Hand”. Published in the Windsor and Richmond Gazette, 22 February 1913.] Rev. T. H. Taylor, playwright. A national drama. A national drama written by an Australian author may be staged in England. The […]

Australia, or Heart to Heart and Hand to Hand [song, 1890s]

[Editor: A patriotic song, written by the Rev. Thomas Hilhouse Taylor (1861-1925). Words taken from the sheet music (published circa 1890-1899). The chorus was later incorporated into the Australian cricket team’s victory song, “Under the Southern Cross I Stand”.] Sung with enormous success at the Theatre Royal, Sydney, Theatre Royal, Melbourne, Opera House, Brisbane and […]