Special Report from Cape River Gold-Fields [poem, 7 November 1868]

[Editor: A poem published in The Queenslander, 7 November 1868.] Special Report from Cape River Gold-Fields. Dear Sir: You say you’d like to know How things go on up here, And if a chap would “stand a show,” If this way he should steer. Well, as I have nothing else to do, I’ll send you […]

Brothers [poem by C.J. Dennis, 22 August 1929]

[Editor: This poem, attributed to C.J. Dennis, satirically attacks a Russian communist newspaper’s criticism of Australian workers supporting a White Australia. Published in The Register (Adelaide, SA), 22 August 1929.] Brothers (By Den) Pravda, Russia’s Soviet newspaper, in a leading article on the Pan-Pacific Labour Congress, states that great strides have been made in destroying […]

White Australia [poem, 12 August 1914]

White Australia. The shocking revelations made in the Perth Police Court the other day don’t say much for the vaunted policy of a “White Australia,” while it provides a good argument against the maunderings of the “let-’em-all-come brigade.” We’ve fashioned ourselves a splendid song and woven ourselves a creed, We hurl a curse at the […]

When the Niggers Own the Land [poem, 16 June 1931]

[Editor: An example of anti-Aboriginal sentiment, this poem criticizes what the author views as the overly-soft treatment of Aborigines in the Northern Territory. In earlier days, the word “nigger” did not have the same stigma as is attached to it in modern times, as it was often used in a context that was not derogatory […]

The Australian Nation — When? [poem, 13 October 1894]

[Editor: A poem from the Boomerang, reprinted in The Worker, 1894.] The Australian Nation — When? When the Govnah’s hauty aides, Who go chasing married ladies, And the Colonel who gives ordahs to fire low upon the crowd Have surrendered to the sabre In the horny fists of labour Or departed to some motherland where […]