Bill Bludger — My Oath! [poem, 24 September 1899]

[Editor: A poem about the leader of a street gang. Published in The West Australian Sunday Times, 24 September 1899.] Bill Bludger — My Oath! Bill Bludger was the gamest bloke That ever donned a mitten, And though ’twas said in Waterloo He’d flattened out a Chow or two, He wouldn’t harm a kitten — […]

The Captain of the Push [poem by Henry Lawson]

[Editor: This poem by Henry Lawson was published in Verses Popular and Humorous, 1900.] The Captain of the Push As the night was falling slowly down on city, town and bush, From a slum in Jones’ Alley sloped the Captain of the Push; And he scowled towards the North, and he scowled towards the South, […]

Louis Stone: His Sydney larrikin masterpiece [by Aidan de Brune, 11 March 1933]

[Editor: This article by Aidan de Brune was published in The Cairns Post, 17 March 1933.] Famous Australian authors. Louis Stone. His Sydney larrikin masterpiece. (By Aidan de Brune.) Louis Stone, the author of Jonah and Betty Wayside, is one of the most remarkable of Australian authors. His books, published in England, were allowed to […]

The Bastard from the Bush [poem, circa 1900]

[Editor: This is an anonymously-authored bawdy rhyme, apparently from the early 1900s (or possibly the late 1890s). Some have attributed it to Henry Lawson; however, it is doubtful that he would be the author, given his reported aversion to swearing. The attribution to Lawson is likely to have arisen from the fact that the poem […]