A Fossicker’s Yarn [poem by Dryblower, 17 March 1894]

[Editor: This poem by “Dryblower” Murphy was published in “The Wild Cat Column” in The Bulletin (Sydney, NSW), 17 March 1894.] A Fossicker’s Yarn. (For The Bulletin.) No, it’s not the price of water nor the scarcity of grub That the fossicker discusses of an evening at the pub., Or underneath “the Salmons” where on […]

One Australian Girl [The Bulletin, 1 October 1903, re. Mary Gilmore]

[Editor: This article about Mary Gilmore was published in The Bulletin (Sydney, NSW), 1 October 1903. The first part is a review of Mary Gilmore’s poetry; the second part is about her life, written by Mary Gilmore (aside from the introductory paragraph), especially regarding her time spent in South America.] One Australian Girl. Mary Gilmore’s […]

P. R. Stephensen [obituary, 5 June 1965]

[Editor: This obituary of P. R. Stephensen was published in the “National Notebook” section of The Bulletin, 5 June 1965.] P. R. Stephensen P. R. (“Inky”) Stephensen — who collapsed and died last Friday after a speech at the Savage Club, Sydney — has earned a lasting place in Australian letters. Few will ever be […]

[Obituary: W. T. Goodge] [The Bulletin, 2 December 1909]

[Editor: This brief obituary for W. T. Goodge was published in the “Personal items” section of The Bulletin, 2 December 1909.] [Obituary: W. T. Goodge] W. T. Goodge, whose name has been at the bottom of fathoms of verse in THE BULLETIN and other papers, died at North Sydney last week after a short illness. […]

“——!”: The Great Australian Adjective [poem by “The Colonel” (W. T. Goodge), 11 December 1897]

[Editor: This poem by W. T. Goodge was published in The Bulletin (Sydney), 11 December 1897. It’s authorship was originally credited to Goodge’s pseudonym of “The Colonel”. The missing word in this poem, one not spoken in polite society at that time, was “bloody”.] “——!” (The Great Australian Adjective.) [For The Bulletin.] The sunburnt —— […]