Skin deep patriotism [14 January 1939]

[Editor: This “wave of patriotism” preceded the outbreak of the Second World War. In the late 1930s, war was being seen as imminent, with a resulting heightening of patriotism across the country.] Skin deep patriotism Sydney, Saturday. A wave of patriotism is sweeping over the backs and chests of many Sydney men. But it is […]

Song, for the Commemoration Dinner, January 26, 1820 [song by Michael Massey Robinson, 5 February 1820]

[Editor: A song, by Michael Massey Robinson, written for the anniversary of the founding of the colony of New South Wales. Published in The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 5 February 1820.] [Song, for the Commemoration Dinner, January 26, 1820] We regret, that by an unforeseen circumstance, we had not the pleasure of […]