“Australian Ideals”: Lecture by Rev. Father G. E. Herlihy [25 August 1921]

[Editor: An article regarding the Rev. Herlihy’s encouragement of Australian nationalism. Published in Freeman’s Journal, 25 August 1921.] “Australian Ideals.” Lecture by Rev. Father G. E. Herlihy. Under the auspices of the N.S.W. Debating Union, an interesting lecture on “Australian Ideals” was given by the Rev. Father G. E. Herlihy in the St. Patrick’s Hall, […]

Section 37 [The Foundations of Culture in Australia, by P. R. Stephensen, 1936]

[Editor: This is a chapter from The Foundations of Culture in Australia (1936) by P. R. Stephensen.] § 37 Democratic morale I apologise to my pacifist friends for the foregoing military metaphor. It arises not from chauvinism, nor from any desire to glorify militarism, which (in common, I think, with all those splendid fellows, my […]

Boothy’s chance [9 September 1916]

[Editor: An article opposing the immigration of Germans into Australia and the election of naturalised Germans into public office, as their primary loyalty may be to their race rather than to Australia (the references to “race” in this article refer to the European races, or nationalities). It also includes an early call for an Australian […]