Who named Australia? [letter to the editor, 14 June 1905]

[Editor: This letter to the editor was published in the The Sydney Morning Herald, 14 June 1905. The writer contends that Pedro Fernandez de Quiros (whose surname was also spelt “Queiros”) named Australia, however, it was the New Hebrides that he named “Austrialia del Espiritu Santo”; Quiros never even saw Australia, and therefore took no […]

The dawn of discovery [chapter 1 of “The story of Australia” by Martin Hambleton]

[Editor: This is chapter 1 of “The story of Australia” by Martin Hambleton. Published in The Sunday Mail, 17 June 1934.] The story of Australia Chapter I. — The dawn of discovery Once upon a time, as all good fairy stories begin, there were wise men in the world who believed that there must be […]