Clancy’s Reply [poem by Thomas Gerald Clancy, 1897]

[Editor: A poem by “Clancy” (Thomas Gerald Clancy), written as a reply to Banjo Paterson’s poem, “Clancy of the Overflow”.] Clancy’s Reply ’Neath the star-spangled dome Of my Austral home, When watching by the camp fire’s ruddy glow, Oft in the flickering blaze Is presented to my gaze The sun-drenched kindly faces Of the men […]

Ned Kelly was a Gentleman [poem, 1940s]

[Editor: A poem regarding Ned Kelly. Believed to have been written during the Second World War, when Australia was at war with the Japanese (1941-1945); possibly composed around the time of the battle of Milne Bay (August-September 1942).] Ned Kelly was a Gentleman Ned Kelly was a gentleman Many hardships did he endure. He battled […]

The Bastard from the Bush [poem, circa 1900]

[Editor: This is an anonymously-authored bawdy rhyme, apparently from the early 1900s (or possibly the late 1890s). Some have attributed it to Henry Lawson; however, it is doubtful that he would be the author, given his reported aversion to swearing. The attribution to Lawson is likely to have arisen from the fact that the poem […]