Back from Utopia: Six years of New Australia [18 July 1902]

[Editor: An interview with William Gilmore (husband of Mary Gilmore), following his arrival back in Australia (via England) after leaving South America. The Gilmores had been involved with William Lane’s settlement of Australian socialists in Paraguay. Henry Lawson is mentioned in the article, as he returned to Australia on the same ship as the Gilmore […]

Late “Billy” Lane [4 October 1917]

[Editor: An article regarding William Lane. Published in The Worker (Brisbane, Qld.), 4 October 1917.] Late “Billy” Lane A Reminiscence and a Tribute. Writes R. S. Ross in “Ross’s Monthly” for September:— “Billy” Lane is dead — dear old “Billy” Lane. And he died in the camp of the enemy! There the infinite tragedy of […]