“Around the Boree Log”: Death of author [31 December 1952]

[Editor: A brief obituary of Patrick Hartigan, who wrote under the name of “John O’Brien”. Published in the Charleville Times, 31 December 1952.] “Around the Boree Log” Death of author Monsignor Patrick Hartigan, author of an Australian bestseller, “Around the Boree Log,” died last Friday night. Monsignor Hartigan, 75, died in Lewisham Hospital after a […]

Works of John O’Brien (Patrick Joseph Hartigan)

[Editor: This list contains various works by John O’Brien (Patrick Joseph Hartigan); for biographical information, click here. As there are many older words and phrases in his poems, including quite a few of Irish origin, which may be unfamiliar to many readers, a glossary has been provided.] Books by John O’Brien: 1921: Around the Boree […]

John O’Brien (Patrick Joseph Hartigan)

[Editor: This article provides biographical information about John O’Brien (Patrick Joseph Hartigan); for various works by him, click here.] John O’Brien was the pen-name of Patrick Joseph Hartigan, who was born in O’Connell Town, Yass (New South Wales), on 13 October 1878. Hartigan was ordained as a priest in 1903, then worked as a curate […]