The Evening Star [poem by Agnes Neale]

[Editor: This poem by Agnes Neale was published in Shadows and Sunbeams (1890).] The Evening Star. Far away beyond the sunset, Where the shadows come and go, There a silver star of promise In the western sky hung low. Tremulous and soft its splendor, Melting in the liquid blue, Like a dewdrop on a rose-leaf […]

A Poem on Australia [poem by Marguerite A. Thompson, 18 January 1876]

[Editor: A poem by Marguerite A. Thompson. Published in The Northern Argus, 18 January 1876.] A Poem on Australia. Oh, brilliant is Australia’s sky And fragrant is her air, Her wood-crowned heights, and mossy dells Are far beyond compare. And gorgeous is the plumage That our native birds display, While sweetly warbling in the trees […]

The Maidens of Australia [poem, 1 October 1902]

[Editor: A poem published in the Guyra Argus, 1 October 1902.] The Maidens of Australia Oh! the maidens of Australia, how beautiful and fair, With eyes like diamonds shining, and richly flowing hair; With hearts so light and cheerful and their spirits ever gay, Oh! the maidens of Australia, how beautiful are they. They are […]

A Hot Day in Sydney [poem, 29 January 1829]

[Editor: A poem published in the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 29 January 1829.] A Hot Day in Sydney. O this weather! this weather! It’s more than a mortal can bear; I fear we shall all melt together, So dreadfully hot is the air. On rising from bed in the morning, You feel […]

Araluen [poem by Henry Kendall, 27 September 1879]

[Editor: A poem by Henry Kendall, regarding the death of his baby daughter. Published in The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, 27 September 1879. It was also published in Songs from the Mountains (1880).] Araluen. Take this rose and very gently place it on the tender, deep Mosses where our little darling, Araluen, […]