The Australian Empire [poem by Marcus Clarke, 2 May 1876]

[Editor: A poem by Marcus Clarke. Published in The Narracoorte Herald, 2 May 1876. Previously published in The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.), 22 April 1876.] The Australian Empire. The subjoined address, which was composed by Mr. Marcus Clark, was delivered at the Theatre Royal, Melbourne, in connection with the eight hours’ celebration, on the evening of […]

Australia Federata [poem, 9 September 1899]

[Editor: A patriotic poem, with an internationalist flavour. Published in The Queenslander, 9 September 1899.] Australia Federata. By Austin South. Last born of nations! Fair, and young, and free! Continent isle, blue-bounded by the sea — Australia, hail! A glorious lot is thine! A goodly heritage of corn and wine! Rich flow thy streams with […]