On the Death of Two Infant Children [poem, 17 February 1842]

[Editor: Published in the Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser, 17 February 1842.] On the Death of Two Infant Children, the Second and Youngest Sons of A. C. Innis, Esq., of Lake Innis, Port Macquarie, Who Died a Few Days after Each Other. They “were lovely and pleasant in their lives and in their […]

Australia in the making: The sensational story of Bligh and Macarthur [3 August 1938]

[Editor: A review of H. V. Evatt’s book on the Rum Rebellion. Published in The Australian Worker (Sydney), 3 August 1938.] Australia in the making The sensational story of Bligh and Macarthur A review of Mr. Justice Evatt’s book, “Rum Rebellion” There are few periods in history more entrancing, from the sociological point of view, […]

The Australian Empire [poem by Marcus Clarke, 2 May 1876]

[Editor: A poem by Marcus Clarke. Published in The Narracoorte Herald, 2 May 1876. Previously published in The Argus (Melbourne, Vic.), 22 April 1876.] The Australian Empire. The subjoined address, which was composed by Mr. Marcus Clark, was delivered at the Theatre Royal, Melbourne, in connection with the eight hours’ celebration, on the evening of […]

Exit Moran [poem, 28 April 1901]

[Editor: A poem (possibly by “Dryblower” Murphy) published in the column “A Mingled Yarn” in The Sun (Kalgoorlie, WA), 28 April 1901.] Exit Moran. The imbecile romps where the angels are frighted, Some poet observed; So Minister Moran disported and skited, By impudence nerved. But on Wednesday he got, though his prospects it blighted, A […]

Vice Versa [poem, 28 April 1901]

[Editor: A poem (possibly by “Dryblower” Murphy) published in the “Variety Vamps and Sunday Satires” column in The West Australian Sunday Times, 28 April 1901.] Vice Versa. News Item:— “The Government are considering the advisability of putting down bores on the site of all dams.” Exactly. ’Tis double edged, for ’gainst a pest We love […]