A poet comes to judgment: Dryblower’s candidature (Mr. E. Greenslade Murphy) [by E. L. Handcock, 7 September 1934]

[Editor: This article by E. L. Handcock is about the Senate candidature of “Dryblower” Murphy. Published in The Bunbury Monitor (Bunbury, WA), 7 September 1934.] A poet comes to judgment Dryblower’s candidature (Mr. E. Greenslade Murphy) There is no better known name in the Press world of this State or perhaps in Australia than that […]

The printed word [review of “Jarrahland Jingles”, 28 February 1909]

[Editor: A review of “Dryblower” Murphy’s book of poetry, Jarrahland Jingles (1908). An extract from “The printed word” column, published in The Sunday Times, 28 February 1909.] The printed word “Jarrahland Jingles” are now before the public, and our premier jongleur “Dryblower,” is open to that criticism which he has for over a decade dealt […]

“Dryblower” [poem by Jack Sorensen, 9 March 1939]

[Editor: A poem by Jack Sorensen, published in The Northern Times, 5 May 1939. The poem is about “Dryblower” Murphy, who died on 9 March 1939.] “Dryblower” His last copy spiked, and his last proof read, The bard of a fledgling land is dead, And a voice that sang of land and wave Is forever […]