In Memoriam: Daniel Henry Deniehy [poem by Henry Kendall]

[Editor: This poem by Henry Kendall was published in Leaves from Australian Forests (1869).] In Memoriam. Daniel Henry Deniehy. Take the harp, but very softly for our brother touch the strings: Wind and wood shall help to wail him, waves and mournful mountain-springs. Take the harp, but very softly, for the friend who grew so […]

Henry Kendall: Gosford Associations: The Poet’s Rock [27 March 1934]

[Editor: An article about Henry Kendall. Published in The Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Observer, 27 March 1934.] Henry Kendall. Gosford Associations. The Poet’s Rock. Written for “The Wingham Chronicle.” By “Fitz.” It is one of the distinctions of the Gosford district — one seldom mentioned by those who live there — that it has […]

Daniel Henry Deniehy: Something about him and his speeches, &c [23 November 1895]

[Editor: An article about Daniel Henry Deniehy, author and politician. Published in the Windsor and Richmond Gazette, 23 November 1895.] Daniel Henry Deniehy. Something about him and his speeches, &c Daniel Henry Deniehy was the first native-born member of his profession (the law) on the rolls in N.S.W. ———— The books in Deniehy’s magnificent library, […]