An Aboriginal Mother’s Lament [poem by Charles Harpur]

[Editor: This poem by Charles Harpur was published in The Bushrangers; A Play in Five Acts, and Other Poems (1853).] An Aboriginal Mother’s Lament. O I would further fly, my child, to make thee safer yet From the unsparing White Man’s dread hand all murder wet, Yet bear thee on as I have borne so […]

Black against White [27 June 1936]

[Editor: A report on a lecture given by the Chief Protector of Aborigines, Auber Octavius Neville. Published in The West Australian, 27 June 1936.] Black against White History of Aborigines. Address by Chief Protector. An interesting survey of the relations between the aborigines and white settlers in Western Australia since the first settlement was given […]

Willy Ah Foo [by P. R. Stephensen]

[Editor: This is a short story from The Bushwhackers: Sketches of Life in the Australian Outback (1929) by P. R. Stephensen.] Willy Ah Foo We lads thought it particularly noble to steal peanuts from Willy Ah Foo, for the peanuts of Willy Ah Foo were not only remarkably tasty in themselves, but they were grown […]

An Aboriginal Mother’s Lament [poem by Charles Harpur; in an anthology of poetry, 1888]

[Editor: A poem by Charles Harpur. Published in Australian Ballads and Rhymes: Poems Inspired by Life and Scenery in Australia and New Zealand (1888).] An Aboriginal Mother’s Lament. Still farther would I fly, my child, To make thee safer yet, From the unsparing white man, With his dread hand murder-wet! I’ll bear thee on as […]

Domestic intelligence [3 February 1827]

[Editor: Some extracts from the Australian news section of the The Monitor, 3 February 1827.] Domestic intelligence It is discovered that greasy wool will attract and destroy weevils in wheat — where this destructive insect therefore, is suspected to engender, it is proper to place sheep-skins, or newly-shorn wool beside the grain. Byron the Constable […]