Federation and a white Australia [21 September 1895]

[Editor: A letter to the editor regarding non-white immigration and Australia’s relationship with Britain. Published in The Worker (Wagga Wagga, NSW), 21 September 1895.] Federation and a white Australia. Your Federation article recently contains a high percentage of truth. There is too much talk of the kind of Federation aimed at by our “great men;” […]

Nationalism in Australia [20 October 1888]

[Editor: An article on Australian nationalism, the British imperial connection, and Chinese immigration. Published in The Brisbane Courier, 20 October 1888.] Nationalism in Australia The Pall Mall Gazette of 6th September, writing of the action of the Chinese Government in refusing to ratify the American Exclusion Treaty, says it is sincerely to be hoped that […]

The white man for a pinch [2 January 1897]

[Editor: This article is from the “Bystanders’ Notebook” column, published in The Worker (Brisbane, Qld.), 2 January 1897.] The white man for a pinch Now that the Southern colonies is fighting the battle of “white Australia” against the coloured labour Government of Queensland it is just as well to prove that white men are both […]

[Shearers, and coloured labour for the sugar industry] [10 September 1889]

[Editor: A report on the Shearers’ Union and the employment of coloured labour. This is an extract from a column of news reports, entitled “The Barcoo”, which consisted of various news items regarding the Barcoo area of Queensland. Published in The Morning Bulletin, 10 September 1889.] [Shearers, and coloured labour for the sugar industry] The […]