Gore-dliness: A Christmas Carol [poem by “Dryblower” Murphy, 1926]

[Editor: This poem by “Dryblower” Murphy was published in Dryblower’s Verses (1926).] Gore-dliness. A Christmas Carol. (The Boxing Stadium was crowded on Christmas Day) Nigh twenty centuries ago A star arose o’er Bethlehem; The East with gloried gold aglow, A diamond in a diadem. The wise men came the Babe to view, With golden offerings […]

Christmas in Australia [poem, 25 December 1875]

[Editor: A poem published in The Brisbane Courier, 25 December 1875.] Christmas in Australia. Written for the Courier. Who would have thought that one had found The same old feelings on the other side? The time-worn Christmas story, and the wide, The all-embracing fellowship around? Seas may divide — the snow and ice may lack […]

Christmas-Day, 1854! [25 December 1854]

[Editor: An article comparing Christmas in Australia to Christmas in England. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 25 December 1854.] [Christmas-Day, 1854!] Christmas-Day, 1854! Is it possible? says Mr. John Newcomb, roused by the cock-crowing at five in the morning, himself rather tepid than otherwise, he looks, forth on the sunlit landscape and remarks, that […]

The Christmas Angel [poem by Mary Hannay Foott, 21 December 1897]

[Editor: A poem by Mary Hannay Foott. Published in The Warwick Argus, 21 December 1897.] The Christmas Angel. Through skies of midnight swift he swept, His earthward voyage holding — Our year-long exile — whilst we slept His wings besides as folding. O Christmas, ere thy garments bright O’er Western clouds are trailing, Through farther […]