The Anglican Synod [article re. cremation, 21 May 1898]

[Editor: This untitled article about Christianity and cremation was published in The Mercury (Hobart, Tas.), 21 May 1898.] [The Anglican Synod] The Anglican Synod of South Australia has taken a lesson from the Pagans of old, and has passed a resolution favouring, on sanitary and economic grounds, the substitution of cremation for the present system […]

Christian Russ and pagan Jap. [by Mary Gilmore, 16 April 1904]

[Editor: This article by Mary Gilmore was published in The Clipper (Hobart, Tas.), 16 April 1904.] Christian Russ and pagan Jap. As mentioned in your Free Speech column last week one of the most singular things in connection with this war is the attitude of Christian to Christian, and the question naturally arises what is […]

The effect of religion on the formation of character [essay by Norman L. Beurle, 21 March 1901]

[Editor: This essay by Norman L. Beurle was published in The Ballarat Star, 21 March 1901; it was the winning entry in the essay section of the Ballarat literary competition in October 1900.] The effect of religion on the formation of character. (A first prize essay, South street competitions.) All sane opinion testifies to the […]

Ah Hong, Chinaman [The Bulletin, 21 August 1886]

[Editor: This untitled article, about a Chinese man being buried with both Anglican and Chinese traditions, is an extract from the “Personal items” column published in The Bulletin (Sydney, NSW), 21 August 1886.] [Ah Hong, Chinaman] Ah Hong, Chinaman, recently buried at Bombala, had coin; consequently he was much respected, and his honoured corpse was […]