Charles Harpur [poem by Henry Kendall]

[Editor: This poem by Henry Kendall was published in Leaves from Australian Forests (1869).] Charles Harpur. Where Harpur lies, the rainy streams, And wet hill-heads, and hollows weeping, Are swift with wind, and white with gleams, And hoarse with sounds of storms unsleeping. Fit grave it is for one whose song Was tuned by tones […]

Henry Kendall: Gosford Associations: The Poet’s Rock [27 March 1934]

[Editor: An article about Henry Kendall. Published in The Wingham Chronicle and Manning River Observer, 27 March 1934.] Henry Kendall. Gosford Associations. The Poet’s Rock. Written for “The Wingham Chronicle.” By “Fitz.” It is one of the distinctions of the Gosford district — one seldom mentioned by those who live there — that it has […]

Works of Charles Harpur

This list contains various works by Charles Harpur (1813-1868); for biographical information click here. Books by Charles Harpur: [Books published during Charles Harpur’s lifetime, arranged by year of publication:] 1845: Thoughts: A Series of Sonnets, Sydney: W. A. Duncan 1853: The Bushrangers; A Play in Five Acts, and Other Poems, Sydney: W.R. Piddington 1862: A […]

Charles Harpur

[Editor: This article provides biographical information on Charles Harpur; for various works by him, click here.] Charles Harpur was Australia’s first significant native-born poet and has been described as “The father of Australian poetry”.[1] He has often been credited as the first native-born poet to have had his works published in Australia, although that distinction […]