As in the days of old: Mr. Bent and the bushrangers [21 September 1907]

[Editor: A brief reminiscence about a bushranging incident. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 21 September 1907.] “As in the days of old.” Mr. Bent and the bushrangers. Melbourne, Thursday. Mr. Bent in his time has had many experiences, ranging from cricket against bowlers who “cut the stitches off the seams of your trousers” to […]

Sticking-up [29 September 1860]

[Editor: A report of robberies by bushrangers. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 29 September 1860.] Sticking-up. — Between the Rocky Plain and West Denison, several robberies have been of late committed. What are the mounted patrol about? Mr. Douglas on returning from Kiandra to Russell’s was eased of a few shillings, but unfortunately is […]

[News items] [28 January 1836]

[Editor: Extracts from the news section of the The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser of 28 January 1836, including news on the limited commemorations for the founding of the colony, the state of the public footpaths, and an unusual bushranging incident.] [News items] The Anniversary. — Thursday last passed off, after all, without […]

Ned Kelly’s gang: The making and breaking of bushrangers [18 December 1920]

[Editor: This article on Ned Kelly and his gang was published in The Capricornian, 18 December 1920.] Ned Kelly’s gang. The making and breaking of bushrangers. June 28, last was the fortieth anniversary of the capture of Ned Kelly, the notorious bushranger, at Glenrowan. The accompanying pictures and narrative have been supplied to us by […]

The death of Gilbert: Further particulars [16 May 1865]

[Editor: An article on the death of the bushranger John Gilbert. Published in The Sydney Morning Herald, 16 May 1865.] The death of Gilbert. Further particulars. Yass, Monday evening. On Thursday night a horse was stolen out of a paddock at Murrumburrah, of which no particulars could be ascertained till about 11 o’clock on Friday […]