Some war reminiscences: Interview with “Banjo” Paterson [re. the Boer War, 6 October 1900]

[Editor: An interview with Andrew Barton (“Banjo”) Paterson about his experiences in the Boer War in South Africa. Published in The Western Mail, 6 October 1900.] Some war reminiscences. Interview with “Banjo” Paterson. Mr. A. B. Paterson, the “Sydney Morning Herald” war correspondent, arrived in Sydney on September 11. Nearly a year ago (it was […]

Andrew Barton Paterson (“Banjo” Paterson)

[Editor: This article provides links to some biographical information about Banjo Paterson; for various works by him, click here.] Andrew Barton Paterson was born in Narrambla, near Orange, New South Wales, on 17 February 1864. He died in Sydney on 5 February 1941. Articles about Banjo Paterson: Some war reminiscences: Interview with “Banjo” Paterson [6 […]